description of Hexerisk


Hexerisk is about a six point star-shaped intersection in the middle of the village I live in. The area is a filled-in slate mining quarry pit which is unsafe for building, and so allowed to remain a green area. It’s criss-crossed crudely cut paths create a number of star-shaped intersections. One night I found myself looking up at the full moon standing directly on point where six paths intersected. The sequences are based around a numerological topological concept of 3 major and 3 minor paths. The longer pieces are written as if from the subconscious, written as and when the lines came to mind. The shorter pieces are cut-ups which more concretely discuss the themes which I was trying to think about at the time: the resistance to discrimination against minority cultures, the disturbing shadow of mass-media commerce on life and a general interest in the six-track as a model of a proto city – told through multiple voices, texts, diagrams and experiences.

here is what Steven Hitchins thinks: